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Jordan Foster is the founder of Sacred Flame Therapeutics. He is an energy healer and holistic practitioner working with Reiki, Qi Gong and other modalities to treat the physical, energetic and spiritual aspects of the body and being. Through his practice, clients are guided in processing trauma and abuse, moving stagnant energy from the body. They report a restoration of energy and return to a state of harmony. Having overcome his own challenging life experiences, Jordan’s highest priority is to help others transcend and discover their destiny through healing and nurturing the spirit within. 

By connecting to Spirit, Jordan becomes a conduit of Universal Life Force Energy, also known as Qi. This energy is directed into different aspects of the self. The Qi cleans, balances and nourishes. Before and during this process, the chakras are balanced with tuning forks and other techniques. Chakras are energy centers that correspond to major organs and affect our emotional, mental and spiritual state of being. A person's state of being is affected by many energetic systems that interrelate and flow into each other. When people experience trauma and abuse or harbor negative emotions, the flow of energy is hindered. Trapped energy creates dysfunction. Jordan’s work helps people become aware of these limitations and frees them to attain their highest state of being and balance. Join him in a free 5 minute interview and work out a treatment plan to live your best life.

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